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Bob's Cure for Hiccups

Although this may seem strange or weird, it has worked on every person that I have tried it on since I started this back in 1980. (I think that it is an original process).

Disclaimer: Although I cannot imagine any side effects, nor have heard of any problems, "check with your physician before attempting".

The Process:

I usually have the person sit comfortably in a chair. (Tip: start just after a hiccup.)

  1. Tell the person that you are going to cure their hiccups (be positive, it couldn't hurt!)
  2. Tell the person that you will be asking them to exhale all the way, receive instructions, then inhale all the way and receive instructions.
  3. OK, have the person exhale completely and hold it (don't inhale yet). Have them nod to you to let you know that they have done it (the lung is empty of air).
  4. Still without inhaling, have them attempt to push out once any additional air.
  5. Now two more attempts.
  6. Have the person inhale completely and hold it (don't let out any air yet). Have them nod to you to let you know they are full of air.
  7. While they are holding it, have them take a sip of air.
  8. Now two more sips.
  9. Tell them to exhale normally.
  10. Say to them "you're cured!"

The whole process should be done without interruption (including a hiccup, cough, breath, etc) in about a half minute. I don't know the physiology as to why this works, but it does. Hope this helps you.

Some comments from over the thousands that have tried it:

I had the hiccups bad! I did everything to try to get rid of them. Once I tried your remedy it worked instantly. I greatly appreciate it.

My drunk friend thanks you profusely!!!! She could NOT get rid of the hiccups and she is now cured!! We are impressed and wanted to let you know that your cure has worked once again!!! Thank you!!
Kelle, Yogi and Heidi

Thanks for the cure. My husband was hiccupping for the last 18 hours. I looked up your site and two times through did the trick - you're a genius!

After becoming so frustrated with not being able to fall asleep because of the hiccups I decided to see if there was any advise on the web. After many unsuccessful attempts and over an hour of shear annoyance, your trick worked the first time. Thanks

I did everything you said to do and to our amazement- it worked!!!! I have been recommending your cure to everyone and so far it has worked for everyone at my school, so congratulations!
from marawa

This is totally amazing. I had hiccups for hours, I went on line, found your cure and it worked. I didn't have to eat bitters & lime or peanut butter or any other weird thing. I just breathed and it worked. Cool. Thank you!

I'm sitting in my nice corporate QUIET office and I begin to "hiccup"....embarrassing, funny and becoming painful....I turned to my computer, typed in "hiccups" found you and presto...I'm cured!! Thank you sooooo much!

Hi Bob...I had hiccups for the past 16 hours, and let me tell you, the novelty wore off about 1/2 hour into them. I tried to use sleep aids to cure them, tried drinking upside down etc... and finally I searched the internet for ideas. Your page was the first I came across, and I just want to say thanks!!! You cured the hiccups!!! Thanks alot... I am now off to bed....

This REALLY does work! My husband and I tell everyone about it and they're always amazed that there really IS a cure!

Your cure worked immediately. One of the most valuable things I have ever found on the web.

©Bob Avant. Not to be sold or included in any for-profit publication without my permission. Thanks.
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