Modern Hobo Symbols

In December 2008 Rob Cockerham created new Hobo Symbols

Modern Hobo Code

The legendary "hobo code"was a set of covert markings used to warn other hobos about danger or to clue them into good situations. As times have changed, a new set of code symbols have emerged to alert other hobos to circumstances in modern America. Perhaps you have seen them on your own city streets.

No this wasn't for real. If you aren't familiar with his site be sure to check it out.

Cockeyed Logo

Open Wireless Network

Used Frying Oil Available for Biodiesel

No-Fee ATM

Cockeyed Symbols

High-Fee ATM

GPS Will Screw You Here

Discover Card Accepted

Cockeyed Signs

Dishonest Ticket Scalpers Here

Well-Stocked Bathroom

"Plan B" Contraception Available

Cockeyed Symbols

Vegans Beware

Pruell Available

Prostitution Sting

Cockeyed Symbols

Instant Parking Tickets

Companies Test Market Here

The Wait Is 25 Minutes From This Point In The Line

Cockeyed Symbols

Agitated Homeless

Dumpster Treasure

Don't Watch Porn On In-Dash DVD Here

Cockeyed Symbols

Unexpected Lawn Sprinklers

Buffett Of Sample Foods

No Oversight Of Public Transit Ticket System

Cockeyed Symbols


Camera Perverts

Thin Ice

Cockeyed Symbols

Dog Poop

Olive Trees

Overpriced Drinks

Cockeyed Symbols

Buskers Here May Actually Be Virtuoso Musicians Planted By The Washington Post

Check Cashing


Cockeyed Symbols

The Scotch Here Is Worth Hopping For

Those Aren't Women

Soylent Green Bulldozers

Cockeyed Symbols