New York Maggie Hobo Signs


New York Maggie

The Signs

NYMaggie Signs
The Meaning

1. Main Street good for begging.
2. Rock Pile in connection with Jail.
3. Saloons in Town.
4. Prohibition Town.
5. Police are Hostile. Look out.
6. Police not Hostile to Tramps.
7. Police Hostile to Tramps.
8. Leaving Railroad for Highway or across country.
9. Railroad Police not Hostile.
10. Railroad Police Hostile.
11. Used in connection with any other sign means next turn.
12. Church or Religious People.
13. Town is Hostile. Get out Quick.
14. Main Street N. G.
15. Good People Live Here.
16. Cranky Woman or bad Dog.
17. People do not give.
18. Bad Man lives here.
19. Negro section good for Hoboes.
20. Cooties in Jail.
21. Good clean Jail.
22. Jail good but prisoners starve.
23. Jail filthy.
24. City Police are in Plain Clothes.
25. Workhouse in connection with Jail.
26. Waiting in Town for Person Named.
27. Circle Town.
28. Jail good for night's Lodging.
29. Moniker (Name) and direction of travel.
30. New York Maggie.