Some SSoIH Hobo Niclel examples.

During the depression Hobo's would carve artwork into a coin and trade it for food, clothing, lodging or a ride to his next hop.


Classic Style Hobo Nickel

Classic style hobo nickel done on a 1929 buffalo nickel. Carved by JayHobo.

Android hobo nickel

Android carved in a 1935 Indian Head Nickel. This design was used in the HBN (Hobo Nickel) Cryptocurrency logo. ( )

Nickel carved by JayHobo

Hobo Nickel

This is a 1935 S Buffalo Nickel. This nickel features a hobo sticking out his thumb to a passing motorist hoping to catch a ride. This is an unfinished nickel. The post to the right of the thumb is a mile marker but the number were never added to the post. This nickel is on permenant display at the Smithsonian. Carved by JayHobo.


Hobo Nickel Skull

An Indian Head hobo nickel featuring an Indian Skull. Carved on a 1926 Buffalo Nickel.

Carved by JayHobo


See more carvings by JayHobo on his Instagram:



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