Symbols of the modern world.

There have been several efforts on the net to create modern symbols to update the hobo symbols of yesteryear.
The greatest of these efforts was probably the Warchalking efforts around mid 2002. Wardriving was a thing as well as Warplugging and there was the WiBo.
Beyond warchalking there were a few scattered efforts around the net that never really took off. Including a hoax or two.
The truth of the matter is, Hobos communicate largely via smartphone.

Emoticons The "Smiley Face" emoticon :) was first used on On September 19, 1982 by Carnegie Mellon professor Dr. Scott Fahlman.
Ever since then people have found an emoticon for just about everything.
Emoticons on Google
Idiot Signs Just after the mid 90's the world caved and gave into idiots and political correctness.
Now instead of hidden hobo signs, we are bombarded with idiot signs in our face all the time.
Idiot Symbols
2002 Tramp Signs Warchalking took off in June of 2002 after Matt Jones and friends published some symbols inspired by hobo symbols. Shortly after the symbols were published stories spread across the net and news media networks. Warchalking
2002 Modern Tramp Signs Modern Humorist posted an article by Francis Heaney called 'Bo Knows - Hobo signs for today's urban tramp. Bo Knows Urban Tramp Symbols
2003 Modern Hobo Signs SSoIH created some Hobo signs for the modern times. We never did anything with them. SSoIH Moderen Hobo Signs
2008 Tramp Signs In 2008 Rob Cockerham created some newly updated Hobo Symbols for modern times. Rob's Symbols
2009 Tramp Signs iHobo - Augmented reality hobo signs iPhone app, - Jul 17, 2009 iHobo App
2010 Tramp Signs Weburbanist posted: Hoboglyphs: Secret Transient Symbols & Modern Nomad Codes. An article that talked about hobo signs and also linked Rob Cockerham's newer symbols. June 3, 2010 Weburbanist Article
2011 Prepared Citizen The Prepared Citizen's Wasteland Survival Guide. They posted some altered symbols aimed at the survivalist movement. Prepared Citizen Article
2011 Prepared Citizen QR Hobo Codes by The F.A.T Lab. Laser Cut Stencils, QR Codes, Hobo Symbols, Spray Paint... - July 19, 2011 QR Code Hobo Symbols
2012 True Type Font SymbolMinded released a "Hobo Symbols Chalk" True Type Font. Hobo Symbols TTF
2013 Cyber Hobo In 2013 Cyberhobo showed a version of Rob Cockerham's "Well-Stocked Bathroom" symbol on his YouTube. Maybe they are catching on ;) - Mar 17, 2013. Cyberhobo's YouTube Video
2013 SCP Codes In 2013 The SCP published their "SCP Field Codes" - June 2013. SCP's Field Codes
2015 Reddit Post On March 2nd 2015 Huckstah posted to /r/vagabond titled: Designing a New Hobo Code: Any Vagabonds Want to Help Design a Modernized Code System?
This was an ongoing project and probably the most successful of all the efforts. Symbols were updated to include electrical/charging sockets and other symbols adapted for todays digital world.
Reddit Post
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