Useful links for apps and sites for shelter, travel, provisions, communication and making money on the Internet.


  • Google Maps - Street maps, local businesses and navigation - walking, biking or driving.
  • On Track On Line - Get information about Rail Travel and all facets of the hobbies of railroading and trains.
  • Hitchwiki - Get information about hitchhiking and other ways of extremely cheap transport.
  • TrustRoots - Find a place to stay, a travel buddy or local friends.

Shelter / Lodging

  • Couchsurfing - Meet and stay with locals all over the world.
  • OurCalling - Find shelter, food, medical care and other resources.


  • Dumpster Map - Find food bearing dumpsters. The app has poor reviews.


  • Craigs List - Find everything from work to free items and also post items for sale.
  • OfferUp - Post items for sale or search for items locally.
  • Help Finder - Find local small task jobs in your area.
  • Etsy - Sell your arts and crafts on the net. You'll need to be able to ship product.
  • eBay - Sell items on the net. You'll need to be able to ship those items out.



  • Line - Communicate via free texts, images, video and audio calls. Free voice over IP calls.
  • Dead Drops - 'Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space.


Online Food Ordering Links

Other Links