Be it traditional lore or internet lore it surrounds most secret societies.
With exposure on the net also came the increase in fact and fiction around the society.
Most of the information gathered below is not the product of the society but artifacts unearthed on the net and throughout the lands.


Traditional Lore

Traditional lore usually consists of some fact and some fiction that has been discovered or hypothesized and then shared with others in an effort to learn more about the society or to create sensational folklore. As with any story that is passed along, they can either remain somewhat original or become the product of great embellishments.


Internet Lore

Much like traditional lore Internet lore is much the same but spreads much faster given its transport medium. Viral posts are a good example of this. Internet lore, once created doesn't vary as much with embellishments given ease of copy and paste.


Physical Lore

Physical Lore doesn't surface too often but on occasion we are blessed with some interesting artifacts for our viewing pleasure. Physical lore is usually much more difficult to link to a group or society unless there are distinctive markings to make the connection.