Hobo signs and hobo symbols have been guiding and informing hobos for over a century.

Hobo Signs

Hoboes have been leaving signs and symbols around the world for over a century. Symbols would signify to other hobos about good places to camp,
where to get food, where the cops are alert, where to find work, etc. The reason for the hobo signs were twofold. Some hobos were illiterate and also
by using symbols they could keep the meaning of their messages a secret from the general public.

A history of hobo signs.

Hobo Signs History

A history of hobo signs. Look through newspaper articles from the late 1800's on up through the 1920's about hobo signs. We look at some newspaper articles from the past and books written on the subject of hobo signs.
SSoIH's Hobo Sign Database

Hobo Signs Database

SSoIH's Hobo Signs Database Have a look through our database of hobo signs. You can search for a sign, search by shape or meaning and also find any sources that reference that hobo symbol.
Hobo Symbols and others

Hobo Symbols (and others)

Modern Symbols for the modern world. Some newer hobo symbols and some symbols influenced by hobo signs of the past, others just created to help keep the 'special ones' alive.
Hobo History and Hobos in the news.

Hobo History and Hobos in the News

News from yesteryear Read news articles from the past about hobos and hobo life.

Other items of Hobo interest

Hobo Code of Ethics

Hobo Code of Ethics

The Hobo Ethic Code of 1899 Created by the Tourist Union #63 in 1899. It contains the code of ethics that some hobos still live by today.
Slang terms and more

Hobo Slang Definitions

Slang Terms. SSoIH's reference to nearly 2,000 slang terms used by hobos, tramp, bums, migratory workers, railroaders and lumberjacks.