Internet lore can be compared to a can of worms... do you really want to open it? Here is a piece received from an anonymous person.

Secret Society of Internet Hobos (SSoIH) pronounced Sew-hi
There is no record of when the SSoIH was formed but the abbreviation was altered to form what is believed to be the societal greeting. The I and the H were reversed to form the word HI and it is also believed it was reversed to hide the true identity of the group and maintain secrecy. It is believed that when members meet they greet each other with “So Hi”. There is even some controversy around the greeting. Some believe that it is interchangeable with “So, High” or “So high?” alluding to the “420” culture.

Lore seems to indicate that the SSoIH name pays homage to The Secret Society of Itinerant Hoboes. It is believed that the Secret Society of Itinerant Hoboes was created after the Hobo Club in Montana was disbanded and forced to go underground. [SSoIH Note: See link]
When the Internet came into being it was much easier for the Hobo’s to keep in touch via the World Wide Web, and also travel virtually around the world. It was thought that the “Itinerant” was changed to “Internet” however we feel that the latter was a separate group paying homage to the first. At some point around this time the spelling of “Hoboes” was changed to “Hobos”.

The public Internet came into being in 1991. It is believed that the Hobo’s were on it as early as 1978. Not so much via the ARPANET used by the government but using systems available at universities all over the United States. Systems such as PLATO, UUCP and Usenet. Bulletin Board Systems were also heavily used but more so for locally communicating between Hobos within individual cities since most BBS’s were locally owned and operated and not connected to “the net”. There are some stories of hobos communicating over the net (around the United States) while playing games such as Airfight, Panther and Empire in the late 70’s. When the Internet became available to the general public in 1991 the reach of SSoIH extended to other Hobos online.

There are stories of JayHobo, Doc, Doc (a second Doc), TheHeff and Rook bumming rides to get downtown where they were able to catch a College bound shuttle for a small donation to get them to the computer room at █████████████ State College where they could get on “the net”. Once personal computers came into play they took advantage of those and modems to get them online and communicating via local Bulletin Board Systems. JayHobo had a Commodore Vic 20 with a 300 baud modem. Doc had a Tandy Color Computer, TheHeff used an Atari 400 with an acoustic coupler modem. Rook later came in with an IBM PC jr. The original Doc never did get his own PC until much later in life. JayHobo ran a BBS system which had 6 phone lines coming into it. The BBS system was known as “Talk Net”. As the Internet grew most Hobos seemed to rely on e-mail and social media as it became popular for communication.

Nobody seems to know where or by whom the society was created but the strongest theory seems to point to JayHobo. ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ JayHobo went by several online pseudonyms or handles with JayHobo being the most recent. The society seems to be based on the Secret Society of Itinerant Hoboes. It is believed that his Great Uncle ████ “Pappy” ████ was a member in the early 1900’s. This was a Great Uncle on his father's side. On his mother's side, five Great Uncles and his Grandfather were members of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. We can see where the interest and influence of secret societies had their influence in his life.
Evidence shows that JayHobo was around during the public debut of the Internet and rumor is that he created the “Secret Society of Internet Hobos” as a homage to the earlier society with the same initials. The earliest reference to the Internet society, back in the PLATO days circa 1979-80 is believed to be from a Usenet individual with a moniker signed as:

   *** JOE COOL ***

There were rumors of the former name of SSoIH as being either the Secret Society of Intercity Hobos or the Secret Society of Intracontinental Hobos. It was believed that the Secret Society of Intracontinental Hobos was the mother organization while the Secret Society of Intercity Hobos were the local individual “lodges” scattered around the country. This was later confirmed as false.

Update: This article ( seems to support the fact that the Great Uncle could have been in a hobo club in Montana that was forced to go underground in 1922.

The Logo:
As with any secret society there is much wonder, theory and mystery and not a lot of documented fact. The same goes with the lore behind the logo for the SSoIH. We do know the logo is based off of the Secret Society of Itinerant Hoboes logo which has the double S on top and an angled I and H which represents the train tracks running off into the distance. The current logo depicts the letters SS on the top middle of a circle filled with a web and the I in the bottom left of the circle. The H is made up of another I to the right of the first and the center of the “H” is made by the all seeing eye connecting the two. There are many stories, myths, facts and hypotheses surrounding the logo which we will provide below in list form.
  • The title across the top of the logo contains some form of code(s).
  • It’s unknown why all the letters are capitalized except the word “of”
  • The motto at the bottom means “blend in”. As near as we have been able to translate it to is “always cloak” which is similar.
  • The dots separating the title from the motto are alien heads. It is said the alien heads were on the original “Itinerant” logo as well.
  • The latin motto is an anagram for something.
  • ██████████████████████
  • The web was changed from a city map to represent the Internet or “World Wide Web”.
  • The “web” influence came from an individual with a moniker of ██████████.
  • The S and backwards Ƨ form the hair of a female.
  • The top of the S and backwards Ƨ form a heart.
  • The bottom of the S and backwards Ƨ form the breasts of a female.
  • The bottom of the S and backwards Ƨ form the bottom of long hair of the female.
  • The power button in the middle represents the power women have over men.
  • ████████████████████████████████████████
  • The eye is looking at the spread legs of the female.
  • The woman is trapped in the web.
  • The logo indicates that women are a target on the Internet.
  • The top of the S and backwards S form the head of an alien.
  • When upside down, the heart forms a penis and the two “legs” form a vagina.
  • The power button also represents powering on equipment to access the Internet.
  • The power button is a symbol of a penis entering a vagina.
  • follow the white rabbit
  • The two S shapes represent two snakes fighting or mating.
  • The two S shapes form a penis tip at the top with the testicles underneath.
  • The two legs of the person are a tent with the hobo eye peeking out of the tent.
  • The two legs of the person are railroad tracks leading to further adventure.
  • The two alien heads outside of the circle represent aliens watching over our world.
  • The eye represents the all seeing eye of the hobo hackers on the Internet.
  • The logo ████████████████████████████████.
  • The web and the power button originate from the heart of the Internet hobo.
  • There are 24 web line from edge to center each representing the 24 hours in a day.
  • The 10 layers of the web (1 hidden by the power button) represent the levels within the Society. You start at the outer level and move inwards until you have the power.
  • When rotated 90 degrees clockwise it depicts an eye looking through a hole at a couple engaging in intercourse.
  • When folded in half and held to the light you can make out SoL, the fate of all hobos… shit out of luck.
A rumor too long for list form is that when the logo is stamped on a document the legs tell the time of a meeting. A meeting could be a group meeting or just a meeting between two members. The left leg being the hour hand and the right leg the minute hand. If the logo is upside down then the meeting is at 11:05, sideways is 4:10 or 8:50 when to the other side and so on around the clock. When it is correctly orientated upright at 7:25 there is no meeting so as to avoid any confusion when the logo is displayed properly. It is unknown how AM or PM are indicated if this theory is at all true.
Update: An update to the meeting time theory is that a tiny mark is placed on one of the web lines to indicate which of the 24 hours to align the left leg on to determine the proper meeting time. Let's say a mark was placed on the bottom center line, the 13th line. That would indicate to place the left leg on the 1 o’clock position. Doing so shows us that the meeting time is 1:55PM. PM because 13 on a 24 hour clock is 1 PM.
Facts We Know About The Logo:
There are a few facts that have been leaked from members of the society which we have provided below:
  • The center letters were designed to form a person.
  • The top of the S and backwards S form a heart.
  • The spider web represents the Internet.
  • The all seeing eye is looking into the web/Internet.
  • There are solvable secret codes hidden in the logo.
  • The power button represents the heart, core or soul.
Anagrams of "Semper in Sancto Velant":
Many years have gone into trying to solve any anagrams for the motto. Here are just a few of the possible thousands.
Ancients Marvel NET Ops
Stoner Caveman Slept In
Stoner Clansmen Vape It
Internet Cam Loves Snap 
Stoner Spaceman TV Line
Ancients Planet Movers
Stoner Catnaps Liven Me
Stoner Palace Invent MS (Microsoft???)
Evil Men Stoner Catnaps
Proven Manna Testicles 
Stoner Pascal Invent Me
Stoner Napalm Nice Vets
Stoner Napalm Ice Vents
Stoner Anal Entices MVP
Stoner Naval Cements Pi
Stoner Naval Inspect Me
Stoner Manna Pelvic Set
Stoner Satan Pelvic Men
Ace Stoner Invents Lamp
Mescaline Stoner TV Nap
Stoner Cavemen Plants I
Stoner Cavemen Plans It
Stoner Cavemen LAN Pits
Stoner Cavemen Nap List
Stoner Iceman Plane TVs
Stoner Cinemas Plane Tv
Amnesic Stoner Plane Tv
Stoner Canine Steal Mvp
Ancient Stoner MVP Seal
Vape Centennials Storm
Vape Cleanser Mint Snot
Cleanest Vape Inn Storm
Testicles Mean Van Porn
Internet Compass Navel
Internet Clans Move Spa
Internet Camp Slave Son
Internet Scams Pan Love
Move Ancients Planters
Ancients Males Vet Porn
Ancients Travels Men OP
Aliens Revamps Content
Aliens Spacemen Torn TV
Aliens Ancestor Net MVP
Aliens Enact Stoner MVP
Aliens Cam Proven Tents
Aliens Camp Stoner Vent
Aliens Can Prevent Most
Vet Aliens Cannot Sperm 
Aliens Crap Venom Tents